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Pastors Mike and Paula Whitman

Pastors Mike & Paula Whitman, have shared ministry together for 28 years, pastoring, teaching, educating, and leading specifically in Ohio and Oklahoma, as well as having broader missions influence. Mike's heart is deeply rooted in intercessory ministry united with discipleship. Paula is a lifelong educator and teacher who also carries a worshipers mantle in song and flute.  For Mike, church ministry began in his home country of England, coming to the USA in 1994.  He studied under the legacy of Rees Howells at the Bible College of Wales. Mike also earned a BA and an MA in Bible and Ministry, giving him extensive theological education and practice. For Paula, Church has always been her heritage growing up in a ministry family. She also earned a BA at OBU and an MA at ORU. They have three children and a daughter-in-law: Israel and his wife Francesca, Judah, and Bethany.

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Danny and Jane Fisher


Dale and Pam Perry
Associate Pastor


Hilary and Carol Lashley-Bobb


Ted and Christy Williams


Kelly West

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