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40 Days of Praying in the Spirit - Day 15

Romans 8:26 "the Spirit helps our weaknesses". As the scripture states, The Holy Spirit helps us when we're in a time of weakness, wavering and weariness. Often, times of dedication to a specific purpose in the Lord, we experience lapses in energy, vigor or concentration. The Journey into faith is a long one, often accompanied by brilliant experiences of grace, beautiful moments of engaging His love yet spiritual warring too! In all these time He remains true and faithful. Our times of believing in the challenging moments is critical to our growth. As we pray in the spirit and devote ourselves to waiting and watching let us be encouraged by the fact that the helper will come and help us as promised. The reality is, God is not far from us, He dwells in us and still stands with us. Praying and worshiping in the Spirit is good to our souls, it's refreshing to our hearts and building of our Spirits. Let's allow His grace to walk us further on our journey with the Holy. Blessings Pastor Mike.

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